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      The ultimate lightweight, high performance hand pump. Full Carbon Tech barrel and handle in an efficient overlapping design. CNC machined aluminum piston and hardware. Equipped with the ABS Speed Flex hose, compatible with Presta valves only. Includes FCT carbon fiber frame pump mount.Large Length approx 283mm Weight approx 83g MAX: 160psi | 11bar

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      The Lezyne Micro 500/Micro 180 Bike Light Set provides cyclists with all the light they will need for their journey. The multi-purpose Macro 500 features an LED delivering up to 500 lumens of output. The Optimal Overdrive Race Mode toggles between Overdrive and Economy modes only. Includes a versatile strap to securely mount to all standard bar shapes,...

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      This low profile, high visibility Lezyne Zecto Drive 250/80 Bike Light Set offers three ultra bright LEDs. With an intelligent power indicator to display battery life and provide side visibility, this light set will light your way on your journey. The front light offers up to 250 lumens and seven output options, whilst the rear light provides up to 80...

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      Lezyne Steel Digital Gauge Floor Drive DV PumpMachined steel barrel and piston, aluminium base Varnished wood handle Extremely accurate Digital Gauge Extra-long, nylon-reinforced, braided hose with aluminium connectors Painted finish Equipped with a custom floor pump head designed to easily press onto valves and lock into position with an...

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      The Lezyne Lite Drive 800Xl is a high-performance multi-purpose LED cycling light.  With a compact, durable and heat-dissipating machined aluminum body. The ultra high-output LEDs produce up to 800 lumens. With eight mode options, including highly disruptive Daytime Flash mode.  Optional Overdrive Race Mode toggles between Overdrive and Economy modes...

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      400 Lumen Front / 150 Lumen RearRecharge Time: Front: 2hrs, Rear: 2.5hrsWeight: Front: 100g, Rear: 69gRubber Strap MountUSB Chargeable Description Front: The Hecto Drive 400XL front cycle light from Lezyne is a high power LED light outputting up to 400 lumens. Machined from heat-dissipating aluminium the light is compact and durable.Rear: The...

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      Lezyne Microdrive Front And Rear LED Light SetFeatures:Compact, durable and heat-dissipating CNC machined aluminum construction. Ultra high-output leds delivering up to 400 lumens Optional overdrive race mode toggles between overdrive and economy modes only. Mode memory function returns to selected mode after turning off Lens with built-in side...

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      Lezyne Strip Drive 150 Rear Bike Light The Lezyne Strip Drive 150 rear light is a powerful and versatile LED cycling light made from a light, waterproof and durable co-molded lens & body construction. With five ultra-high output LEDs delivering up to 150 lumens the Strip Drive 150 features eleven output/flash modes including two super high-visibility...

      £ 22.81
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    Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items