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    • £ 570.00 In Stock

      The Tacx Flux Direct Drive Smart Trainer is designed for athletes wanting to up their training all year round. Incorporating ANT+, FE-C & Bluetooth Smart open this product is ideal for serious trainers. It is also compatible with multiple software The Tacx Flux Direct Drive Smart Trainer features speed, cadence and power read outs on your smartphone,...

      £ 570.00
      In Stock
    • £ 266.00 In Stock

      This simple fork-mount design is optimised for pre-race warm-ups, travel, and those cold winter days at home. The Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Turbo Trainer utilises Internal Progressive Resistance (IPR): delivering a real-road feel with virtually zero noise.

      £ 266.00
      In Stock
    • £ 190.00 In Stock

      The CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer now with its new and improved power band technology, riding the trainer feels more like riding on the road because your wheel accelerates and decelerates on an infinite resistance curve. The design still boasts its ease of use and ultra quiet ride therefore you are not missing anything, it has only gotten better!

      £ 190.00
      In Stock
    • £ 189.00 In Stock

      The Elite Qubo Power Mag trainer comes complete with the innovative Misuro wireless speed sensor and is Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ enabled. Ideal trainer for indoor training or warming up at events. Foldable, lightweight, its a great training tool producing high power output. With 8 levels of magnetic resistance and high power output (750 watts at 35...

      £ 189.00
      In Stock
    • £ 180.00 In Stock

      The BlackTrack replaces the Skyliner (front wheel support) and enables you to steer freely in the Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced. The front wheel of the bike is placed on a turntable so that you can steer to the left and the right. This allows you to decide yourself where you ride when you are training in the virtual worlds.

      £ 180.00
      In Stock
    • £ 165.00 In Stock

      The NEO Track replaces the front wheel support of the NEO and enables you to steer freely in the Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced (Windows PC). The front wheel of the bike is placed on a turntable so that you can steer to the left and the right. This allows you to decide yourself where to go to when you are training in the virtual worlds.The Neo...

      £ 165.00
      In Stock
    • £ 160.00 In Stock

      The Satori Smart is the only manually controlled trainer which measures speed, power and cadence. The resistance of this wheel-on trainer is changed manually with 10 handlebar positions. And it connects to most popular training apps, like Zwift, Tacx and TrainerRoad.

      £ 160.00
      In Stock
    • £ 152.33 In Stock

      The Classic SuperMagneto is built for tri-geeks, podium chasers and first time finishers alike with its unmatched versatility. Featuring four resistance curves: easy, road, interval and mountain, it's easy to customize workouts for any goal - no matter how modest or ambitious they may be. And if you plan to share a trainer with another rider, then look no...

      £ 152.33
      In Stock
    • £ 150.00 In Stock

      This item although new is EX Display and will have some very slight marks Very realistic and perfect for improving your speed, flexibility and technique, thanks to the swing system. The Galaxia is an advanced roller. The patented swing system allows it to absorb the forward and backward accelerations perfectly, ensuring that you do not ride off the...

      £ 150.00
      In Stock
    • £ 123.00 In Stock

      The first roller with conical rollers and favourite among professional track riders for warming up. The Antares is used for the same reason at Red Hook Criterium races. With the Antares roller you can cycle freely to refine your coordination and technique. This roller can be retracted to 80 cm.

      £ 123.00
      In Stock
    • £ 60.00 In Stock

      Protects your floor from sweat and bike grime. Keeps your trainer from "walking" during intense workouts. Durable construction absorbs vibration and noise.

      £ 60.00
      In Stock
    • £ 22.81 In Stock

      The Tacx trainer tyres have been developed specifically for riding indoor on bike trainers. The special rubber minimises the risk of overheating, slipping and wear and tear. They are also quieter than the regular rear tyres on racing bikes or mountain bikes.

      £ 22.81
      In Stock
    Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items