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    Delivering everyday reliable performance in an economical ultra compact head light. Sporting features like an easy on and off handlebar strap mount, low battery indicator and to top it off, it's USB Rechargeable; making it the perfect light of choice for commuters and cycling enthusiasts. The NiteRider Sabre 80 is a super bright, lightweight USB...

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    The Fhoss Illuminated Signalling Tail Bag is the perfect accessory to be safer and brighter on these roads. Allowing users behind to know in advance which direction the cyclist is traveling in. It uses advanced technology via a bluetooth remote control that allows the user to activate illuminated directional LED's. Signalling forward, left and right...

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    MAKO™ 200Lumen Output: 200 Run Time: 15:00 – 60:00hrs Weight: 175g Battery: Alkaline AA x 2TL 5.0 SLLumen Output: 10 Run Time: Up to 100hrs Weight: 70g Battery: Alkaline AAA x 2

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    Vastfire cycling light set with Angel Eyes 1000 lumen front and Volcano 50 lumen rear lights especially suitable for Road, Mountain, Off-Road, Trails, Enduro and Downhill cycling. FrontWide-focus beam 5 modes :1200LM(4 hrs) 1000LM(6 hrs) 800LM(8 hrs) Strobe flashing- 500 LM (10 hrs) Rapid Flashing - 500 LM, (10 hrs)USB Rechargeable...

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    A Waterproof LED Tail Light for your bicycle with wireless remote controlled turn signals . USB RechargeableEasy to install and use Freely switch between  modes with handlebar mounted controller. USB rechargeable battery IPX4 water proof Red rear light plus left/right turn signal and brake light

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  • £ 24.99 In Stock

    A USB Rechargeable Headlight Powered by 2x18650 Rechargeable Batteries which allows working between 4-6 hours. Choose between 4 Modes Casing made from aluminium and plastic Comfortable, light and stable in use. Red warning light on the back of the headtorch 90° adjustable head  Zoom focus for close work or distance. IPX4 water resistant...

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  • £ 21.89 In Stock

    Ultra-compact safety light with integrated lens On/Off switch. Durable machined aluminium construction. Side Visibility lens extends beyond body to provide 180 degrees of visibility. Two replaceable CR2032 batteries power one bright LED. Up to 15 lumens (7 Rear) with two output/flash options. Available in seven unique anodized colours. Versatile 2-in-1...

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  • £ 19.99 In Stock

    3 Modes - Switch from "On" to "Flashing" to "Off" Fits More Tire Sizes - From 12" toddler tires all the way up to 29" adult tires Increase Visibility at Night - Visible at 350 degrees so you and your loved ones are safer Easy Installation - No Tools Required! Check their website for an easy-to-follow installation video High Quality, Long-Lasting &...

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  • £ 19.00 In Stock

    With 100 lumens of light output and a 240 degree field of view the Wezen USB rechargeable LED bike light puts its advanced Chip-On-Board technology to good use. And this versatile little fella flashes white or red so it's perfect for use on the front or the back of your bikeVersatile red/white LED bike light. USB rechargeable Max runtime:11 hrs...

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  • £ 14.52 In Stock

    Nite Rider understand lights are an integral part of your daily commute. Using a light can mean the difference between being seen or not by automobile drivers. Many of the “entry level” commuter lights are nothing more than “be seen” lights.Your overall safety and visibility should not be limited by your budget, that’s why they've created the Mako Series....

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    Vintage Cat Eye Rear Reflector and Mounting BracketOld School rear reflector as fitted to many 80's vintage bicyclesSize is 3 inch diameterReflector code number RR-280-WZ New Old Stock in remarkable condition for age.

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    The Halfords 3 LED Bike Light Set includes front and rear 3 LEDs and comes complete with batteries. There are handy clips for attaching to almost anywhere and quick release brackets. The two modes are constant or flashing so you can set up these lights to suit you.Halfords 3 LED Bike Light Set Extra Info Front and rear 3 LEDs Constant and flashing...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items