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    • £ 220.00 In Stock

      RRP: £349 Rear Shock Monarch RT3 (200x57/7.875"x2.25") DebonAir Tune-MidReb/MidComp, Soft Pedal, 320 Lockout Force, Fast Black Body Its lightweight design not only delivers silky smooth travel, but thanks to a redesigned Solo Air spring with updated damping controls, it also delivers a spring rate you'd generally only get from a much heavier coil shock....

      £ 220.00
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    • £ 194.00 In Stock

      ROCKSHOX Remote Conversion Kit, Upgrade from crown adjust to remote adjust for suspension forks with Lockout adjustment on the crown for SID/Bluto, Motion Control X DNA, with XLoc Full Sprint, right Handlebar mounted hydraulic damper control that simultaneously activates the lockout on Rock Shox XX-series forks and Monarch XX rear shocksCan be...

      £ 194.00
      In Stock
    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items